Karve Studio North Scottsdale

Karve North Scottsdale

Arizona’s original Ballet Barre Fitness Method has arrived in North Scottsdale! Karve Studio North Scottsdale offers a low-impact, effective and addictive workout that incorporates light weights, resistance balls and isometrics to develop lean, defined muscles through ballet barre conditioning. The Karve Method burns fat and increases stamina quickly and effectively. Every muscle in the body is worked […]

Karve Studio Old Town Scottsdale

Karve Studio in Old Town Scottsdale is an upscale urban facility specializing in the authentic method of Karve, an innovative workout technique that blends ballet barre work, core strengthening, light weights, yoga, Pilates and stretching. The fun, challenging workouts are taught by friendly instructors who fuse their unique personality and mix of music into every class. […]

k Pilates & Karve Studio Mesa

The Karve Studio technique quickly transforms the body by creating lean, scuplted muscles and builds strength, balance and flexibility. Karve Studio in Mesa combines Pilates, core work, ballet barre, yoga, and orthopedic exercises while maintaining an intense pace that burns fat and increases stamina. Individual classes, packages and private instruction available.

Ultimate Body Boot Camp

Get results. Ultimate results. Ultimate Body Boot Camp (UBBC) is a creative and unique fitness program designed to give you maximum results. UBBC combines cardiovascular exercise with resistance training for an entertaining, motivating, group workout. Each hour of boot camp is different, so there is never a dull moment! And although the classes are group […]

Pulse Fitness

Pulse Fitness Scottsdale

It’s your time to be fit at Pulse Fitness. Located in the DC Ranch Crossings Shopping Center in North Scottsdale, Pulse Fitness is your personal training gym. The friendly and personable staff trains every client like an athlete using functional training that takes the body through natural movement patterns in an effort to strengthen the […]

StudioMixx Body Sculpting System

A high-energy, fun and invigorating workout that transforms your body! It’s the hottest workout to hit this side of the Grand Canyon! Brought to the Valley by fitness innovator and all-around fabulous lady Shandi Rooney, StudioMixx Body Sculpting in Old Town Scottsdale is a vigorous exercise system that will heat up your body internally and […]

Remedy Pilates & Massage

Get your fix for the stresses of daily life at Remedy Pilates & Massage. Created with the vision to fuse the benefits of Pilates and massage under one eco-friendly roof, Remedy Pilates & Massage is a Pilates-centric studio with private treatment rooms for massage and acupuncture treatments. Owners and sisters by marriage, Amanda and Kelly […]

Second Heart Yoga

Open your heart, deepen your practice and explore your personal edge. Sparked by a vision to help individuals deepen their practice and explore their personal edge, Second Heart Yoga is the brainchild of an entrepreneurially-minded yoga enthusiast with a mission to take on a new challenge and develop a welcoming space for all yoga levels. […]

Just Breathe Yoga

A wellness sanctuary offering fitness classes, yoga and massage. Located in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, Breathe Yoga is a full-service wellness facility offering a variety of yoga, fitness and massage therapies. Other Services: athlectic conditioning, bootcamp programs, meditation, Pilates, spinning, Tai Chi, Zumba and yoga Attractions: Located just South of Garfield on Second Street […]

The Dailey Method Exercise Studio

Get longer, leaner, stronger and more fit. With roots in San Francisco, The Dailey Method has landed in Scottsdale with a modern, state-of-the-art studio. Uniting ballet barre work, core conditioning, stretching and orthopedic exercise, The Dailey Method focuses on creating long, lean muscles and works to improve body alignment and posture. Each class is infused […]